The boats of City Barge include a ceremonial six oared shallop, several sliding seat gigs and most likely, the largest collection of Venetian boats outside Italy.

The Shallop

The club has access to a very elegant ceremonial boat called the “Royal Thamesis” which is a six oared shallop. She is a replica of Queen Mary’s barge of 1689. She needs a cox at the rear and a whiffler at the front to complete her crew. She is owned by the Drapers Guild in London, but stored near Oxford and operated by City Barge. Candidates for her crew are expected to have previous sitting rowing experience. Training outings to train the crew at working together occur annually. This boat goes to various prestigious events during the year, where she is much admired.

Club Boats

There are seven club boats, six of which are normally kept in our Oxford boathouse. Six are Venetian models and one is a double, sliding-seat gig. The Venetians have developed about 30 models of boat. We have four sandolos, a mascareta and a gondolino.

Club boats are available to row in, as a group, every Saturday morning, unless the river is flowing too fast. The boats are available to members to use at times to suit themselves, when they are sufficiently experienced.


Members Boats

The combination of the club boats and the member’s boats means that we have access to the largest collection of Venetian boats outside Italy. Members boats are privately owned and other members are invited to row them, at the owners discretion, at club events, and at private events, from time to time. One of the strengths of the club is the generosity of these owners.