How to join

Contact us to arrange to meet at the Longbridges Boathouse in Oxford. Here you can see our facilities, meet some of our existing members, and try boating. Membership is open to men and women, rowers (standing or sitting), boaters and boating enthusiasts of all types.

The normal steps in joining are:

Meet Us

Come and meet us.

Take Part

Try rowing with us.


Submit a completed application form.

  • We welcome new members who want to learn the skill of Venetian rowing.
  • We welcome crew to row the ceremonial barge, a shallop, called the “Royal Thamesis”, although this is not for complete beginners. Training is encouraged to enable the crew be well synchronised and the boat looking proficient when on the water at special occasions.
  • We welcome supporters who want to take part in our social events. These can be members partner’s who do not row, people who like to be passengers in our boats, members who have ceased rowing, folk who like to dine with us, or those who just approve of the club.

Annual Membership

£190 Full Membership

Full membership enables you to use our club boats and use the facilities in the shared boathouse. You can row in members boats when offered.

£380 Family Membership

Includes 2 parents and their children under 21.

Life membership

in any category is ten times the annual membership.

Supporter’s Subscription

£45 Non-rowing Supporter/Social

Supporters can join any event as an onlooker, passenger, or to dine or picnic with us, but are not expected to row club boats.

£55 Overseas or Distance Rower

(who lives over 75 miles away). After five rows there is a charge of £10 per row.

£35 Cadet

Under 18 years of age

We will keep you up to date, by email, with all our activities on offer. You will receive a copy of our membership list once your details have been added. The membership list has address, email, and phone details and enables dialog between members. The membership year begins on January 1st. Those joining after 1st June can expect a reduced subscription to cover the remainder of the year.