Once again, City Barge plan to have races in Venetian boats in September on the river Thames in Oxford. These will take place on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September.

We have two matched sandolos in “Serena” (above) and “Allegra”, both beautifully built in Stratford-upon-Avon by Nick Birch and his boatbuilders. This year we will have a second matched pair, two racing mascarete. We have one now, called “Settemari” (below), and will soon build another to match it as a copy. They will be light and agile.

The usual, interesting, five-minute course round the island next to our boathouse will be used for racing (below right), as well as a straight course of about 600 metres. The start and the finish of both courses are in front of the boathouse. We will devise a more testing racing circuit of longer duration for expert rowers who attend our regatta. Also there will be some relay races for fun.

Entertainment for visitors will be planned for the two days before the racing, and the Sunday after the racing. These can be walking, cycling, or rowing expeditions, and maybe a coach ride to another town such as Stratford-upon-Avon. There will be opportunities to eat lunches together in our clubroom by the Thames, and to eat at restaurants together in the evenings.

As this is the year of our 30th Anniversary we expect a grand meal together on Saturday 17th September.

Please save the dates and email us if you are planning to attend, either as competitors, or as supporters.