Web tech Nan McElroy is assisting us in steadily updating the City Barge web site. A very recent addition is a dedicated page for Safety and Rowing Rules which you’ll find in the About Us dropdown list from the main menu.

This new page will serve as a convenient and open place to publish some of the recent deliberations of the committee about Venetian rowing.

There is a definitive statement about the wearing of lifejackets by RICHARD ROBINSON, along with a strong and simple statement by TIM WILLIAMS regarding what is expected of a poppiere—the person in charge of navigating a Venetian boat. PAULINE DOBBS has published her updated Rules of Rowing for P1-, P2- and P3-level poppiere.

These guidelines provide an overview of rower capabilities and responsibilities when participating in our most popular activity within City Barge. The page will be updated as and when rules and/or recommendations change.

— Richard Bailey